RED: A Traveling Dress Adventure!

One of the many resources I have been grateful to utilize in my photography journey is the Focused Photographers Forum. They are an amazing group of talented photographers willing to share their time and knowledge to other photographers as we all learn and grow together. Photography is, for so many of us, a life-long passion for further education, greater understanding of the craft, and pushing toward accomplishment of a vision that is our own, traveling the sometimes difficult path to get that vision from our brains to the back of the camera or the front of the computer screen. Joining forces with other talented photographers, such as those on Focused Photographers, makes traveling that path easier….and way more fun!!

The Traveling Red Dress Challenge: A certain Red Dress was purchased and sent to each of a dozen or so participants around the country (and 1 in Canada!). We were to keep the dress for a maximum of 5 days before sending it on to the next person on the list. Everyone had the same dress to work with, but of course, each of us had our own struggles with how to use the dress, finding the right (petite) model to fit into the dress, coordinate tight schedules and make our own unique vision come to life! All in all, the project took a few months to complete, beginning in mid January and just finished up the first week of May. I received the dress in mid March and was able to pull in my Hair and Makeup artist, Raini Jenkins, as well as my model Mary Williams, get us all together, shoot these images while the weather cooperated (some in the snow!), and mail the dress within my allotted time frame. Whew! ;)

At the time of publishing this post, I have yet to see ANY of the images taken by the other participants! I am SO excited to finally see the finished work of everyone in the group! We were asked to share our 1-2 favorites, and these are mine! I couldn’t decide between the color and black and white edit on the outdoor shot, so I am sharing both. Hope you enjoy following along our blog circle to see all of the other fabulous images shared today on our big RED: A Traveling Dress Adventure Reveal!

IMG_6538 e1 small

IMG_6572e1 small2

IMG_6572e2 small2

I enjoyed this so very much, and I want to say “Thank you!” to each of the other photographers who participated with me and a special “THANKS!” to Beth Russell (Photos by ejrussel) for doing all of the leg work and organization for this project and for sending each of us little gifts to make our challenge shooting and editing just a little bit sweeter!

Please head over to Cheri’s blog HERE to check out her take on the RED: A Traveling Dress Adventure Project! This is a blog circle! Ever heard of it? A blog circle links from one blog to the next in a complete circle. Click on the linked up blog on each post until you find you way all the way back to me! Although there were a dozen or so of us participating, not all photographers have a blog, so the circle won’t be terrible big or take up a great deal of your time. Comments are awesome! Thank you for taking a look!

Senior | Emilee



Emilee came to me on a gorgeous summer day for her senior portraits. She won me over with  her stunning smile and amazed me with her sense of adventure! She was up for anything and we had such a great time capturing her in the beautiful country side of northern Michigan! Emilee, it was such a pleasure to work with you!

Kalkaska Michigan Summer Session Photography IMG_3684 edit smallBarn Country Girl Pinterest Board Inspiration Northern MichiganIMG_3631 edit small Inspiration grid senior girl photoshoot outdoors rusticIMG_3626 edit smallKalkaska senior photographer abandoned gritty girlOutdoor rustic senior pictures barn northern michiganLong hair senior girl outdoor photo shootIMG_3708 edit smallMichigan Senior Photography TCMI Traverse City outdoorIMG_3689 edit smallIMG_3713 edit small

Natural Light Studio | Children & Families

baby toes photography pink dress white stoolMy kids (and nephew) are my dear little guinea pigs when it comes to trying new methods and putting concepts into trial-and-error mode. Sometimes these kids show signs of PKS (Photographer’s Kid Syndrome), like that little one in the pink dress, who had to fight back tears before we got her laughing. Most of the time, they are gems and put up with a lot of my directing and even become my valuable helpers when dealing with little clients!

Sharing some of my favorites from last year’s summer work in my makeshift Natural Light Studio.Studio photography children and families kalkaska

family portrait photography elk rapids michigan


_MG_3846 edit smallBlogBoard-3 Joshua_MG_3937 edit smallBlogBoard-4_MG_3960-2_MG_3893 edit smallBlogBoard-1Emmy_MG_3878 edit smallBlogBoard-2

BlogBoard-3_MG_3787 edit full_MG_3944 edit small

Senior | Sidney | Summer Session

The incredible Sidney drove all the way up from SE Michigan on her 17th birthday to have her senior portraits done on a perfect summer evening! We planned and waited and waited some more until the conditions were just right for this kind of perfect evening light in this field and the perfect smoothness on the lake for reflections. It was incredible and I can’t tell you how much fun we had putting together these elements of style and place to create something memorable for Sidney.

And the best part? She came back in October for fall portraits, too! Those will be shared in another blog post coming up soon!IMG_3236 edit full

IMG_3210 edit full
Backlit Summer Senior Field Flowers KalkaskaIMG_3145 edit full3Senior portraits in kalkaska reflectionsIMG_3272 edit fullNorthern Michigan senior portraits natural lightIMG_3154 edit fullIMG_3278 edit fullSummer Sunlit Senior Session Michigan Photography Warm Golden Portrait Session Traverse City PhotographerIMG_3190-2 edit full

Matt & Josie Minikus | Album Cover Art | Summer Session

I’m so excited to finally share some of these images! About 18 months ago Matt and Josie came to me for a photo shoot to gather some images for the cover art on their upcoming album. It was such an honor to be able to work with them on this project, and now I’m happy to share my favorites from their session and announce their album is available and ready to ship in time for Christmas gifts. I was so proud of this session but I couldn’t share it! It was so hard to be patient for me!

Please take a moment and go check out their new album here at their website!


Finished Minikus HP&L Cover W166

The digital download is also available here!

Or take a quick look at their facebook page and give them a “like”!

I can’t tell you what a thrill it is for me to see my work on their website, business cards, and now 2 albums! Their music and ministry has blessed me greatly, and I hope you are blessed as well.

5830 edit 3 full5664 edit1 full jpg
5834 edit full


5651 edit1 full jpg

5738 edit 2 full

5796 edit2 full

5695 edit2 jpg full

5683 edit1 full jpg


5752 edit2 jpg full5680 edit1 full jpg




5643 JPG full


5733 edit1 full jpg

5795 edit2 full
5845 edit2 full jpg

B. Family | Summer Evening Mini Session

This gorgeous Mama has been a friend of mine for more than a decade, and I’ve had the honor of photographing her many times over the years. We got together on one lovely summer evening for a quick mini session with her sweet family and I love how these turned out! I especially love it when I can coax mom and dad to take a few minutes to capture the connection they share as a couple!
IMG_2784 edit 2 PNG

Fun Photo Shoot on Family Farm in Michigan

IMG_2817 edit PNG

Outdoor family photo shoot

IMG_2780 edit full
northern michigan couple photographer

I never could decide if I liked this one better in color or black & white!
Summer michigan photographer family

Traverse City Family Photography

Nicholas and Riley : NICU Twins!

Photographing preemie twins while still in the NICU was one challenging project! But one that was incredibly rewarding and so very sweet! We had to work within the structure and rules of the NICU, without any natural light or any sort of flash, and I was not allowed to hold them (bummer!), but we were not to be out done by our circumstances.

I was really glad to be able to help share the little details of these precious new babies with those who were not able to see them yet in person, like their tiny little toes and the sight of them laying together, mommy holding them, and big sister helping out with the littlest of her 6 siblings!

2290 northern michigan nicu photographer

2291 preemie nicu session

2292 preemie twin photograpy

2297 preemie twin photographer

2304 preemie twin nicu babies

2307 traverse city nicu photography

2309 preemie twin photo session

2314 twin hospital photo session

2315 northern michigan newborn photographer

2316 nicu preemie photography

2318 newborn sibling photographer michigan

2329 nicu baby traverse city

2334 northern michigan newborn photography

2335 nicu twin photo session riverains

2337 newborn hospital fresh 48

2339 nicu twin photography

2343 nicu baby sibling michigan

2345 nicu baby photo session

2347 michigan baby photographer traverse city

2348 traverse city nicu riverains

2349 nicu baby boy

2350 newborn nicu twin

2355 nicu baby girl

2365 brand new fresh 48 riverains photography

2368 nicu twin photography

2369 newborn photographer michigan

2376 kalkaska baby photographer

2379 northern michigan family photography

2384 sibling helping in nicu

2385 parenting in the nicu

2386 mamas hand on nicu baby

2387 how to have newborn session in NICU

2388 nicu baby girl photos

2389 nicu baby photo session

2390 fresh 48 traverse city photographer

2391 family photo northern michigan

NICU twin photography 2279

premie baby photo session 2285

S. Family | Fall Portraits

It’s an honor for me to be able to photograph another photographer whose work I respect so much. Sarah of Beginnings Lifestyle Photography is not only a beautiful person on the outside, she has a sweet, generous spirit that has been a joy to get to know.

Our families have grown to be great friends, and we will miss them dearly as they begin a new adventure in Oregon next month. May God go with you and hopefully bring you back to Michigan before too long!

We managed to grab these family and couple shots right at peak color here in northern Michigan! And overnight the weather began to change, the light in the trees was lost, and snow soon took over the landscape. I’m so glad we were able to take this time and make this happen!

couples portraits northern michigan

fall color family photo session

fall family photographs kalkaska

fall fun family

Family photographer michigan

Head swap1 small

kalkaska october photo session

northern michigan fall portraits

northern michigan portraits

october engaged photo shoot

october michigan family photography

october pure michigan fall portraits

pure michigan october photo session

torch lake photography services

traverse city family photographer

Kayla & Kyle: Engaged in Northern Michigan!

I know! I know! They’re already married now! Don’t worry, I haven’t lost my mind, or forgotten that beautiful day last June when they tied the knot. But here’s the deal: A long time ago I pinned one of their engagement pictures to my Pinterest board and it linked back only to my flickr account. It was a dead end.

Here is the Pin if you would like to go see it!

And then it grew in popularity until I couldn’t ignore the nagging little voice in the back of my head that said, “CHANGE the link destination already!!!”. As of today, it has been repinned over 180 times! So it must have its own little blog post. But I can’t really stop there, can I? I absolutely LOVE some of these, not just the one that is all over pinterest! So here is a few of their lovely August 2012 Engagement Portraits. Enjoy!





















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