Family Portraits | Grandma Liz and Her 10 Grandkids | Riverains On The Road

Last summer we had the chance to make the long drive from Michigan to Washington, where I grew up. My parents and my brothers still live near my hometown, along with their families. What a blessing it was to spend time with family! My kids had the chance to meet a couple of new cousins and we all had the chance to reconnect. We had incredible adventures and made memories to last a lifetime!

On one of those glorious, sunny afternoons, we took a few moments to capture each child with “Grandma Snicklefritz”. Tell me, if you are a grandma, or if you have a grandma that you love dearly (or that you’ve lost and now you miss her) how great, how special would images like this be to you? Take some time to make images like this happen. Get in front of the camera! Put down the reasons to do it later and do it while you have the chance. I guarantee these are the pictures you will look back on with joy.

IMG_7737 edit small2

IMG_7787 edit small

Michael's family

IMG_7792 edit small


Jake family

IMG_7801 edit small
IMG_7820 edit small
IMG_7839 edit copy
IMG_7854 edit full
IMG_7744 edit bw2 small


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