Family Portraits | Mike & April | Riverains On The Road

Words just can’t express how thankful I am for this great group of people right here! My brother Mike and his family live all the way across the US in the Evergreen state, but our families try to stay connected with the help of technology and visits whenever possible (think of the longest road trip ever with 4 kidlets in the car!). I am immensely thankful for the friendship of my sister-in-law, her encouraging words and perspective are like a balm to me. My brother’s leadership and principled life inspire me and I appreciate how he ever strives to reach his goals and to live a spirit-filled life. And their kids! Oh, how I love those kids. Each unique personality brings such life to their home! My only regret is that our families are a couple thousand miles away from each other.  Someday, in heaven, we’ll live much, much closer. I’m looking forward to that day!

family photographer northern michigan

IMG_7878 edit small

IMG_7713 edit small
riverains photography family kids outdoor photo shoot


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