C. Sisters | Fun at the Christmas Tree Farm | Northern Michigan Photographer

It’s hard to believe – but these sweet pictures of A. and M. were taken almost exactly a year ago! And what a year it has been for these girls. img_1078-edit-small

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…. the new year is going to bring them…. a new baby BROTHER!!! img_1067-edit-small

We are so excited for this family, who have been friends of ours for so many years. I can’t wait to meet the new little man who will be such an amazing addition to their family.


In addition to growing a new baby brother for these girls, Kristen has been growing her blog, Blissfully Insane, and her new photography business, Kristen Carlson Photography.

img_1044-edit-smallPlus, she homeschools her girls! Guys, this mama really rocks! She’s an amazing person and I’m honored to call her a friend. You might recognize her from some of my previous work, she has always been up for random, last-minute, crazy ideas for photo shoots, like this day in Dec. 2015 when the air was too warm to pass up some quick pictures of the kids for Christmas. That kind of warm weather is just NOT typical of northern Michigan.

Now it’s time for new Christmas picture fun! But first I’m going to try and catch up a little more from this year’s sessions.

Merry Christmas Y’all!

img_1058-edit-smallimg_1034-edit-smallIMG_1117 edit full.jpg


Glamour | Kristen | Her Experience with Riverains Photography

beforeafter-2Looking back a few years to July 2013 to my session with Kristen! This was just a few short months after I’d discovered the incredible talent of Sue Bryce and had begun to learn the techniques behind her wildly successful Glamour Portrait business. What drew me to Sue Bryce was hardly her business sense, though. It was her amazing ability to connect with all women, of all backgrounds, body shapes, and insecurities, and in the space of a few hours reveal to them their own beauty….and capture it in an image that would remind them, over and over, what it means to embrace it. Embody it. Live it.

Kristen was gracious enough to be one of the first practice sessions as I began the learning process! She suffers from adult acne which makes it difficult at times for her to see past to the beauty within. During the time we spent together, I was amazed by the easy way she connected with the camera, and thrilled to see the intensity and confidence shining bright through her eyes and her body language. It was a great experience for me, and I was happy to have Kristen write this wonderful review of her side of the experience!

Kristen 7747 edit 2 jpg small “When I first heard “glamour shoot” I instantly thought of the horrible circa 1990s glamour pictures you would get done at the mall. I was hesitant. However with talking to Lisa and seeing her passion and excitement for her photography, I knew for certain this was not going to be pictures you get from the mall. From the moment I sat in the makeup chair, I felt at ease. As a mother of two, I do not get many opportunities to put on makeup and an outfit that I feel sexy in. Lisa and her makeup artist, Raini, not only exuded confidence in their abilities to make me feel beautiful but also exuded kindness in making me feel at home. Lisa’s goal of the day was to capture a shot that I could reflect on and see that I am beautiful! It is not very often that you come across a photographer that is equally as thrilled as you to see the outcome of the shoot. Lisa’s excitement throughout the whole session created fire within me. For those couple of hours I was a supermodel and I liked it! Lisa’s passion for photography is clearly evident in her work. I was shocked at how many photographs she came back with at the reveal. Each one was stunning and beyond my wildest expectations. The photos made me embrace what was already there; my beauty. The whole experience is something that I will cherish forever. I not only walked away from this shoot with breathtaking photographs but with more confidence about the person I am inside and out.” ~KristenKristen 7758 small

natural light studio kalkaska photographer glamour

Kristen 7751 edit smallsmall gorgeous glamour cover girl michiganKristen curates a great blog at here at Blissfully Insane, which you will LOVE! Go check it out and give her page a like at Blissfully Insane’s Facebook Page.

Thank you for the wonderful review, Kristen!

A Top Ten Feature!

IMG_8507 edit small


Last week I had the honor of being featured in  {Top Ten | Yellow}  over at  Jackie Jean’s blog! The blog post can be found here at shopjeanphotography.com

If you are not familiar with Jackie Jean Photography, she has a fantastic website full of resources for photographers, including actions, presets, overlays, and workshops. She also hosts a wonderfully supportive group on facebook where photographers can share their work and enter the weekly Top Ten challenges.




This picture is one of my absolute favorites, and it’s an honor to see it recognized in the Top Ten! Thank you Jackie!

A Family | Fall Photo Session | Northern Michigan Photographer

IMG_0149 edit small

It was such a pleasure getting to know the Allen’s on a beautiful fall day last October! Well, actually, make that two days in October! Our first session was marked with tears and babies who weren’t feeling the best. So we got together again with great results! Sometimes a little extra time spent with my clients makes all the difference, and I’m so glad we could all find time in our schedules to make these special family portraits happen!


IMG_0057 edit small
IMG_0217 edit small
IMG_9379 edit small

Traverse City Photographer family session michigan
IMG_9454 edit small
Couple In Love Autumn Color Leaves Beautiful Northern Michigan

IMG_0073 edit small

I loved seeing their wall portraits and gift prints ready for delivery!

IMG_0718 small


Interested in a Fall Family Session this year? Call now (231-620-2505) or email me (riverainsphotography@gmail.com) to book your appointment with Riverains Photography! Sessions are limited and October in Northern Michigan is the prime time for family portraits!

R&L | Fall Family Session | Northern Michigan Photographer

There is no better place to be during the second week of October than in Northern Michigan! When the trees seem to be a light source all their own, when the sights and smells are so brilliant they’re almost overwhelming. For some, autumn scenes signal the end of warmth and the beginning of dreary, never-ending winter. But for others, autumn IS the new beginning.

Light. Love. Laughter. These are the things that made this fall family photo session so special!

As this gorgeous mom finishes up her finals this week and wraps up the first year of a grueling nursing program, I’ve never been more proud to call her my friend!

IMG_9908 edit small

Beautiful Family Photography Northern Michigan Kalkaska SessionIMG_0021-2 edit small

Fall Family Photographs Alden Photographer October

IMG_9985 edit small

Mother Son Love Family Fun Fall Color Traverse City Photo SessionIMG_9998 edit small

S. Family | Fall Session | Northern Michigan Photographer

IMG_9604 edit small

Seriously, isn’t this just the most gorgeous family ever?!  Kari did an amazing job styling her family for this fall session in the beautiful woods behind their house. The incredible pathway through the woods is a photographer’s dream for fall family photos, and I was thrilled to be able to capture their family in such a special place. Their family is so full of love and laughter, and it shines through in these images!

Kari is not only a dear friend, she’s also an incredibly talented photographer! We had the privilege of having our personal family photos taken by Kari this year, and it was such a fantastic experience! If you are looking for a great photographer in the Petoskey and Tip of the Mitt area, check out her August Afternoon Facebook page!

Fall family photoshoot northern michigan photographer petoskey

IMG_9599 edit small

beautiful fall foliage photo session traverse city photographer
IMG_9704 edit small

outdoor natural light photography michigan october up north

IMG_9708 edit bw small

Back To School | Northern Michigan Photographer

September brought warm, golden days and the beginning of our fifth year homeschooling. Life is busy! Some days feel like they drag on and on and like the struggles will never end. And then there are days where you notice just how quickly your babies are growing up, and in between tears you try to capture the moment before it’s gone.

These are some of my very favorite images of my children.

IMG_8411 edit smallIMG_8414 edit smallIMG_8430 edit smallIMG_8444 edit smallIMG_8465 edit smallIMG_8507 edit smallIMG_8847 edit smallIMG_8867 edit smallIMG_8874 edit smallIMG_8549 edit small

What about the youngest, you say? Where are the pictures of her? Well, this is exactly how cooperative she was that day. Photographer Kid Syndrome. It’s real.

Children’s Styled Portraiture | CIRCUS

Last September I had the incredible opportunity to participate in a styled shoot out hosted by Stephanie Lemmon of LemmonMade Photography.  My daughter was able to join us as well and acted as the Ringmaster! We both enjoyed the experience thoroughly –  meeting new friends, spending a wonderfully warm fall evening together, and learning some new skills. The talent represented was phenomenal, from the make up artists, hair stylists, and the other participating photographers. It’s all in the details, and Stephanie thought of everything when she coordinated and styled this shoot out, even making most of the props herself!
IMG_8727 edit small

For my local friends, I have exciting news!! LemmonMade Photography is going to be hosting a shootout in Traverse City this September with Mila Wells Photography! Check out all the details here on Stephanie’s blog – doesn’t it sound absolutely AMAZING?! I’m so excited and looking forward to another great shootout experience, come join us! If you are interested in participating please email Stephanie at lemmonmadephotography@gmail.com or sign up through the website link.

A shootout is a GREAT way to join in the fun of a styled session without any pressure. Observe, ask questions, find your groove and try new things! And when the session is done, you have amazing images that you can play with and grow your skills in post production, pushing the limits without worrying about experimenting on a paying client’s session! Even if you aren’t shooting for clients, it’s a fun way to join in a fantastic shoot with amazing details without having to make it all happen yourself. You’ll make friends and network, and inevitably learn from the other talented participants and stylists.

Please go check out this AWESOME video that Emilee Rose Films made of the shoot out! It’s incredible. And it makes me cry every time I watch.

IMG_8643 edit small

My favorite part was the series of Emmy as the “Lion Tamer” and Rogue, the most adorable Lion EVER.

IMG_8742 edit smal
Northern Michigan Child photographer Traverse City Session
Styled Childrens Portraiture Circus Red Hair

IMG_8647 edit small

Concept photo shoot circus theme michigan photographer fun

IMG_8617 edit small

IMG_8630 edit small

IMG_8777 edit sm

IMG_8823 edit full copy

Styled by Stephanie at LemmonMade Photography / facebook: LemmonMade Photography

Clothing is from Tutu Du Monde, with some pieces rented from Rainey’s Closet.

All pictures posted here are taken by Lisa Jenkins/Riverains Photography.

Family Portraits | Mike & April | Riverains On The Road

Words just can’t express how thankful I am for this great group of people right here! My brother Mike and his family live all the way across the US in the Evergreen state, but our families try to stay connected with the help of technology and visits whenever possible (think of the longest road trip ever with 4 kidlets in the car!). I am immensely thankful for the friendship of my sister-in-law, her encouraging words and perspective are like a balm to me. My brother’s leadership and principled life inspire me and I appreciate how he ever strives to reach his goals and to live a spirit-filled life. And their kids! Oh, how I love those kids. Each unique personality brings such life to their home! My only regret is that our families are a couple thousand miles away from each other.  Someday, in heaven, we’ll live much, much closer. I’m looking forward to that day!

family photographer northern michigan

IMG_7878 edit small

IMG_7713 edit small
riverains photography family kids outdoor photo shoot

Family Portraits | Grandma Liz and Her 10 Grandkids | Riverains On The Road

Last summer we had the chance to make the long drive from Michigan to Washington, where I grew up. My parents and my brothers still live near my hometown, along with their families. What a blessing it was to spend time with family! My kids had the chance to meet a couple of new cousins and we all had the chance to reconnect. We had incredible adventures and made memories to last a lifetime!

On one of those glorious, sunny afternoons, we took a few moments to capture each child with “Grandma Snicklefritz”. Tell me, if you are a grandma, or if you have a grandma that you love dearly (or that you’ve lost and now you miss her) how great, how special would images like this be to you? Take some time to make images like this happen. Get in front of the camera! Put down the reasons to do it later and do it while you have the chance. I guarantee these are the pictures you will look back on with joy.

IMG_7737 edit small2

IMG_7787 edit small

Michael's family

IMG_7792 edit small


Jake family

IMG_7801 edit small
IMG_7820 edit small
IMG_7839 edit copy
IMG_7854 edit full
IMG_7744 edit bw2 small