Glamour | Joanna

There is something incredible about watching the transformation of a woman from what she feels she looks like into the woman she IS down at the depths of her soul, without fear, without judging herself, without the insecurities that hound us all. When she connects with that inner strength the result is this feeling of having been witness to a rebirth. It’s beautiful. It’s incredible. And I feel so blessed when I get to be a part of that!

YOU are beautiful, Joanna.

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*Hair and makeup by Raini Levi Engle


Glamour | Jodi + Sidney + Brooke

I am absolutely spoiled as a photographer when I can capture such natural beauty as is found in these three. What a gorgeous mother & daughters trio!

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Kayla & Kyle | Married!

What a beautiful day for a wedding! I wish them many, many years of happy togetherness! Congratulations Kayla & Kyle!

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Kristen | College Grad!

Kristen is the gorgeous girl married to Josh, the man who has been my husband’s best friend since they were 12 years old. Over the years Kristen and I have become good friends as well and I absolutely love that I get to capture the moments and celebrations of their family life almost as much as I capture my own!

Congratulations on your graduation, Kristen!

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Scott & Jali | Kids & Cousins


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Danielle and Bill | Expecting!


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Emma | In the Cherry Orchard

Is there anything more splendid in the spring than an orchard in full bloom? Perhaps a girl in a green dress in the middle of that orchard? 2013-07-08_00082013-07-08_00092013-07-08_00104399 PNG2013-07-08_0007

kids6 jpeg

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Elayna | 6 Years Old!




This sweet girl is such a little ray of sunshine! Her quick birthday session at sunset was a perfect way to capture the essence of her spirit. The golden rays highlighting her hair and the warm tones that matched her smile just stole my heart!ImageImageImageImageImage