Matthew: Awesome Portraits of a 2014 Senior!

This amazing senior session was a ton of fun! Matthew was up for some creative setups to capture the essence of him as a cage fighter! Not only had he won his first fight the week before, he had set a record for the fastest KO!

Thank you, Matthew and family, for coming to Riverains Photography for your Senior Portraits!

Matthew 1 Senior photography

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Matthew 3 Serious senior boy

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Northern Michigan Kids Go Back To School

Of course, it is now January and northern Michigan is covered in a thick blanket of snow, but these adorable Back-to-School pictures from September couldn’t be forgotten!

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Evelyn | 3 Years Old!

We had a great time with this little mini session of 3 year old Evelyn! She has the greatest expressions and a whole lot of personality!

Evie 8304 PNG Evie 8317 PNG Evie 8319 PNG Evie 8322 PNG Evie 8325 PNG Evie 8330 full bw Evie 8336 PNG

toddler birthday photographer three year old birthday photographsEvie 8385 PNG2Evie 8390 PNGEvie 8396 PNGEvie 8411 PNGEvie 8413 PNGadorable baby girl birthday pics


Glamour | Kristen

I’ve known Kristen for several years and I have to admit, I was not expecting her glamour session to be….so….HOT. She has this smoldering understated sexiness that felt like it was unveiled for the first time while we went through this series. It was amazing. The outer transformation was incredibly fun, but the intense connection she made with the camera can only come from the woman inside!

Gorgeous Kristen!

Kristen 7747 edit 2 jpg full northern michigan glamour photographer Kristen 7751 full jpg glamour photographer studio Kristen 7753 full jpg glamour photography michigan photographer Kristen 7758 full jpg traverse city photographer Kristen 7763 full jpg beauty glamour transformation michigan Kristen 7771 edit 2 full jpg glamour photography northern michigan photographer kalkaska Kristen 7781 full jpg glamour beauty studio michigan Kristen 7793 edit 2 full jpg glamour photographer traverse city Kristen 7795 full jpg glamour photographer petoskey michigan Kristen 7799 full jpg use this one glamour photography northern michigan Kristen 7815 full jpg northern michigan photographer beauty glamour kristen profile2edit1 gorgeous glamour cover girl michigan use this one2013-09-07_0001

Glamour | Joanna

There is something incredible about watching the transformation of a woman from what she feels she looks like into the woman she IS down at the depths of her soul, without fear, without judging herself, without the insecurities that hound us all. When she connects with that inner strength the result is this feeling of having been witness to a rebirth. It’s beautiful. It’s incredible. And I feel so blessed when I get to be a part of that!

YOU are beautiful, Joanna.

2013-08-01_00012013-09-04_0016 2013-09-04_0017 2013-09-04_0018 2013-09-04_0019


*Hair and makeup by Raini Levi Engle

Glamour | Jodi + Sidney + Brooke

I am absolutely spoiled as a photographer when I can capture such natural beauty as is found in these three. What a gorgeous mother & daughters trio!

7616 JPG full crop2013-08-11_00012013-08-11_00022013-08-11_00032013-09-04_0012 2013-09-04_0013 2013-09-04_0014 2013-09-04_0015

Kayla & Kyle | Married!

What a beautiful day for a wedding! I wish them many, many years of happy togetherness! Congratulations Kayla & Kyle!

2013-09-04_0001 2013-09-04_0002 2013-09-04_0003 2013-09-04_0004 2013-09-04_00342013-09-04_00052013-09-04_0007 2013-09-04_00322013-09-04_0008





2013-09-04_0010 2013-09-04_00302013-09-04_0033



Kristen | College Grad!

Kristen is the gorgeous girl married to Josh, the man who has been my husband’s best friend since they were 12 years old. Over the years Kristen and I have become good friends as well and I absolutely love that I get to capture the moments and celebrations of their family life almost as much as I capture my own!

Congratulations on your graduation, Kristen!

2013-08-28_0001 2013-08-28_0004

Scott & Jali | Kids & Cousins


2013-07-08_0025 2013-07-08_0024 2013-07-08_0022

4540 jpg 4543 JPG 4576 JPG 4591 JPG 4594 PNG 4799 JPG 2013-07-08_0021 2013-07-08_0020 2013-07-08_0019
4849 JPG


4885 JPG

Danielle and Bill | Expecting!


5362 JPG full 2013-07-08_0013 2013-07-08_0014 2013-07-08_00155429 JPG full