Cousins | Fall Family Session | Northern Michigan Photographer

You know those days when you realize you have completely forgotten to squeeze in your own family for a session in the middle of busy season? When Grandma is wondering when she’ll see the traditional yearly capture of her grandkids, it’s November already, and the color in the foliage is so faded it’s actually non-existent? How about those days when you think it’ll work out just fine to get the kids ready for a photo shoot after school, drive half an hour, and still catch the light…..but then you realize Daylight Savings Time just ended and that means the sun goes down IN LIKE TEN MINUTES?!

Yes, it was exactly one of those days when we hurried off to find a tiny pocket of light, hoping to capture this moment in their lives before time raced on again. And you know what? I’m glad we did!

I’m always glad when I can look back and see these days, the hectic stress falls away and I remember these smiles and see how quickly they’re changing, growing, creeping closer to the day when they won’t make my laundry pile higher or leave socks out in the dirt, when there won’t be so many meals to fix or dinner plates to wash. Capture these moments while you can! You won’t regret it.

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Senior Portraits | Brooke C. | Northern Michigan Photographer

Brooke is the third graduate in her family to come to me for their senior portraits. I’m so incredibly honored by their family’s continued support of me, especially considering that they drive all the way up to Grayling from downstate!  Brooke’s session was the first at our new location and it was on a beautiful fall day, perfect for the various places we have right at our fingertips. The boardwalk with it’s close canopy of cedars, the swinging bridge, the fall grass at the lakeshore, and, of course, the gorgeous golds and reds of the tamaracks and maples in October.

Congratulations to Brooke – a 2017 graduate! We wish you the very best as you leap into your next adventure! Thank you for letting me be a part of this special moment in your life!


A Family | Fall Photo Session | Northern Michigan Photographer

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It was such a pleasure getting to know the Allen’s on a beautiful fall day last October! Well, actually, make that two days in October! Our first session was marked with tears and babies who weren’t feeling the best. So we got together again with great results! Sometimes a little extra time spent with my clients makes all the difference, and I’m so glad we could all find time in our schedules to make these special family portraits happen!


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Traverse City Photographer family session michigan
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Couple In Love Autumn Color Leaves Beautiful Northern Michigan

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I loved seeing their wall portraits and gift prints ready for delivery!

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Interested in a Fall Family Session this year? Call now (231-620-2505) or email me ( to book your appointment with Riverains Photography! Sessions are limited and October in Northern Michigan is the prime time for family portraits!

S. Family | Fall Session | Northern Michigan Photographer

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Seriously, isn’t this just the most gorgeous family ever?!  Kari did an amazing job styling her family for this fall session in the beautiful woods behind their house. The incredible pathway through the woods is a photographer’s dream for fall family photos, and I was thrilled to be able to capture their family in such a special place. Their family is so full of love and laughter, and it shines through in these images!

Kari is not only a dear friend, she’s also an incredibly talented photographer! We had the privilege of having our personal family photos taken by Kari this year, and it was such a fantastic experience! If you are looking for a great photographer in the Petoskey and Tip of the Mitt area, check out her August Afternoon Facebook page!

Fall family photoshoot northern michigan photographer petoskey

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beautiful fall foliage photo session traverse city photographer
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outdoor natural light photography michigan october up north

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Family Fun ~ Fall Family Photographer ~ Northern Michigan



I love fall.

Growing up in Washington State, I found the months of September, October and November to be rather….soggy.

Like much of the rest of the year.

It’s the mountains, the rivers, the lush greens and outdoor brilliance whenever the sun shines that makes Washington so spectacular. But I will never forget the first time I met October in Michigan. It was October 13, 2000, and I flew into Chicago and drove into SW Michigan for a week with my best friend. The drive through the agricultural countryside on that first evening gave me memories, images that still come quickly to mind. Every house was decorated as if the month of October was THE celebration of the year! My first impression of Michigan was undoubtedly good, but sadly, two days later my best friend’s grandmother passed away, and we were soon on our way north to Kalkaska.

In the midst of the sadness of that week, two beautiful things blossomed: a relationship with the man who became my husband almost exactly a year later, and the soul-filling joy of anticipating the yearly return of splendid October in northern Michigan. In the years that followed our wedding and relocating to a place so far from my family and native home, the Octobers were like a shot in the arm of hope and profound gratefulness for the blessings to be received no matter where in the world you make your home.

These are some of my favorite images taken so far, these are the ones that are framed and up on my walls, or hanging in the living room, stretched on a gorgeous canvas so I can see them every day. They capture my favorite people, my corner of the world, and some of the favorite pieces of the vivid intensity of peak color in Kalkaska county. There is no real way to capture what this looks and feels like in real life. No words, no camera, could really take in the entirety of how the earth feels like it has its own light source, a glowing, wonderful, luminance everywhere you look. Even now, more than a decade later, I sometimes have  a difficult time driving during peak color week because my eyes are drawn to everything but the drab, gray road.

I am already looking forward to October 2015! I enjoy the spring greens after the long, hard winters, and we all know how fantastic summer afternoons on Torch Lake are on a sticky hot day, but October, you have my heart!IMG_3976 edit small
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Gorgeous Fall October Autumn Blonde Hair Girl

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Kalkaska Outdoor Photography Fall Beauty Family

Michigan Autumn Outdoor Photo Session KalkaskaIMG_3906 small


October Birthday Session Fall Color MIchigan

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Senior | Sidney | Fall Session

October Kalkaska Senior Photos


There is no better feeling as a photographer than to have a client who loves their images so much that they are willing to drive nearly 4 hours to come see me again! Sidney’s Senior Portrait Session (Part 1) was done in the beauty of the northern Michigan summer time, with the field in full bloom and summer sun warming the horizon with gorgeous tones and creamy backgrounds. Don’t miss the link at the bottom of this post to take you back to her summer session to see all of her amazing images!

Sidney also wanted fall color photos to add to her Senior Collection and we had the perfect fall day in all its Michigan October splendour! We found some awesome places near Torch Lake to capture these portraits and had so much fun during the whole process! Thank you for coming to see me again Sidney, I am honored that you chose me for this amazing time in your life! Congratulations on your recent graduation!

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Senior Fall Foliage Photography Michigan

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Senior Girl Grunge Torch Lake Abandoned Portfolio Model

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IMG_4177 edit BW small

See the rest of Sidney’s Senior Pictures here on her Summer Session Blog Post!
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Jeff & Stephanie | Fall Color | Family Session

What is better than a fall family session in Northern Michigan?! Well, how about throwing in some fun with leaves, a beloved old puppy dog companion, and some amazing family memories!

Our fall session was on a beautiful day near Torch Lake, Michigan. Stephanie did a wonderful job coordinating everyone and their happiness was evident by the gorgeous smiles and the fun they had together. They chose some wonderful gift prints for their families and have some gorgeous images to decorate their home and keep these memories for years to come!

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Fall outdoor family photo shoot michigan beauty

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Couples Engagement Autumn Northern Michigan Photography IMG_4498 edit small

A Boy And His Dog Photoshoot Autumn October Leaves

Family Playing In the Fall Leaves Torch Lake Michigan


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S. Family | Fall Portraits

It’s an honor for me to be able to photograph another photographer whose work I respect so much. Sarah of Beginnings Lifestyle Photography is not only a beautiful person on the outside, she has a sweet, generous spirit that has been a joy to get to know.

Our families have grown to be great friends, and we will miss them dearly as they begin a new adventure in Oregon next month. May God go with you and hopefully bring you back to Michigan before too long!

We managed to grab these family and couple shots right at peak color here in northern Michigan! And overnight the weather began to change, the light in the trees was lost, and snow soon took over the landscape. I’m so glad we were able to take this time and make this happen!

couples portraits northern michigan

fall color family photo session

fall family photographs kalkaska

fall fun family

Family photographer michigan

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kalkaska october photo session

northern michigan fall portraits

northern michigan portraits

october engaged photo shoot

october michigan family photography

october pure michigan fall portraits

pure michigan october photo session

torch lake photography services

traverse city family photographer